Independent Writers Wanted for News Website

We need writers for our news site covering a variety of interests. Preferably, we would like daily writers but week-ends are okay as well. We are a small community of writers spanning the globe, all connected through the internet. Our system is relaxed, friendly and a great opportunity to someone who loves to write about current topics and wants freedom of hours.

We need ambitious, energetic writers who can stay current with news and up to date trends. Our writers can work independently, set their own hours and pick their own topics with emphasis on current news. This is an opportunity for those with good writing skills, grammar, punctuation and English. Get in on the ground floor with our news site and grow with us!

We need writers to cover the entire array of news topics that we feature: current and trending; technology, science, business, health, entertainment, movies, television, pets, music and blogs about anything. Have a specialty niche? We want it.

You will not find a more flexible, open and less demanding writing gig anywhere. Writing for us gives complete freedom of expression, opinion, and lets you set your own hours any day, any week, any month. Feeling creative?

Find something that fires your inner muse? Write for us. On the other hand, if you work best with assignment of topics and definite goals and deadlines, we can work that way too.

Our articles, blogs and news pieces are usually between 400 and 2,000 words in length and must be original, pass CopyScape software and be well researched and accurate. The only restrictions are bad grammar, bad taste, inappropriate content that violates or breaks laws and lack of common sense.

The company is based in London, UK, but we’re operating worldwide. 80% of our readers are from the US/UK, 10% the rest of Europe (excluding UK) and 10% elsewhere. We have two publishers, one in the United States (Arizona timezone) and one in the United Kingdom (London timezone), so hours of operation are around the clock, 24 hours.

Our website contain interesting current news, follow breaking trends and also try to inform, entertain, amuse and promote thoughts and ideas. Please look over our site, read our articles and consider writing for us, growing with us and becoming part of a friendly team.

Want to give up the restriction of writing for a site that takes a commission, censors your messages and only handles your client base as a middle man? Writing for us as an independent free-lance writer gives you complete control. Once a month you get paid for whatever you decided to write and contribute. There is no rating system, no comments to worry about and no one will suspend you or interfere here unless your work is not original.

The only thing we ask is that you write concise, grammatically correct material that is unique and easy to understand. Our editors have the right to correct, change and tweak content, and that is the extent of our control over your work.

If you are interested, email a short resume including writing experience, hours you are available, your specific interests and a writing sample to: content @