Monday, 18 April 2016

Nintendo NX Updated Rumors: Second Screen Wireless Capability, More Powerful than PlayStation 4

Rumors about the Nintendo NX as starting to pile up especially as the E3 gaming convention is just close by. However, the Japanese video game company still hasn't said a word regarding the rumored console.

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Nintendo (NASDAQ: NTDOY) hasn't confirmed anything yet and they repeatedly refuse to comment on the speculations. However, they still haven't stopped teasing their fan base by filing for several patents that many assume are for the said console. In the recent weeks, there have been several fabricated photos of Nintendo NX controllers. Other information regarding the console does come from reliable sources.

One of the recent leaks is from a NeoGAF user named 10k. The user claims that he has information from sources that are close to the NX project. It could be that the Nintendo NX would have a screen controller that can be used by the owner to play home console games anywhere. However, the leaker said that the controller itself won't have any processing capabilities, which essentially makes it a "dummy vita".

Despite its lack of processing capabilities, the rumors say that it will have basic operating system functions in order to allow the user to access their main NX console from wherever they are. It will most likely be a similar streaming technology found in the Wii U gamepad but as an enhanced version with improvements. This means that the Nintendo NX users will be able to access their games through Wi-Fi or even personal wireless hotspots from mobile routers or their smartphones. However, the NX console will have to be in a stand-by mode and powered up.

The NeoGAF user said that the second screen functionality will be built-in the console itself and it will not require any kind of add-on. While the function will be built-in to the console, there is another speculation that the company might sell their own personal hotspot USB adapters for the users to have access to the Internet anywhere.

Nintendo's adapters could also be directly plugged into the controller itself or a wall outlet if they do not want to drain the controller's battery. This is where the earlier supplemental computing device comes in. The said supplementary computing devices could be the portable hotspot devices themselves. They could be fitted with chips in order to boost the quality of the streaming game. In addition, the user said that the Nintendo NX could actually be called the "Stream." However, no further information has been gathered regarding the name.

The new rumor sparks the possibility again that the NX console will be a handheld one, but 10K did not explicitly say that it will be an all-handheld device. There are still limitations which suggests that the feature is simply an add-on. Another rumor posted by 10K is that Luigi's Mansion 3 is currently being developed for the Nintendo NX. The user said that it was initially a rumor that came from one source, but another source has also come up to add to the veracity of the leak. Two different sources have told 10K that the game was already in development for the said console. Another source said that it is being developed by Next Level Games, who is also working on the anticipated Metroid Prime; Federation Force.

Interestingly, Federation Force for the Nintendo 3DS has been met with mostly negative reviews. There is even an ongoing petition to cancel the game, and the trailer has a 90 percent dislike to like ratio. The rumors say that Luigi's Mansion 3 was supposed to be for the Wii U, but the performance of the console and the release date did not line up. Nintendo reportedly switched the development of the game for the NX console instead. Another rumor is that the Nintendo NX will use a Polaris-like GPU, according to Forbes. 10K said that a PS4 game could be ported to the NX and the console would still have "power to spare".

"Likely will be on a FinFET 14nm fabrication node. The source told me it's on the same architecture with heavy customizations of course. It will contain the feature set of Polaris. It is "marginally better than the PS4" and theoretically could be "2x the power of PS4 GPU". I asked about PS4K being rumored to have a gpu 2x as powerful as the OG PS4 and how the theoretical performance of the NX would be and was told "Theoretically it could be close to the PS4K rumored specs". Of course, we know nothing of Polaris or the PS4K specs, but he gave that metric," said 10K on his NeoGAF post.

The rumor opens up possibilities that the NX will be able to handle PS4 games and run them more than 30 frames per second with added effects. This is for PS4 games that are barely holding up on the 30fps mark and 60fps games could run significantly better on the NX. In conjunction with the Polaris-GPU rumor, 10K also leaked that the Nintendo NX will also be using the Vulkan 3D API from Khronos. However, a developer who is porting a PS4 game to the console said that Vulkan is not ready yet. There could be an update by May.

Another rumor is that Nintendo won't be releasing most of the development kits for the NX until it has been officially unveiled to the public. This may be due to the fact that the company really wants it to be a surprise despite all the speculations, leaks and rumors already circulating the Internet.

There is also some potential good news for Square Enix fans. Besides the confirmed Dragon Quest 10 and 11 games for the NX, there are also speculations that the Final Fantasy XV will be developed for the console as well. One of the complaints from Nintendo fans and haters is that the company is just re-releasing or re-mastering all of their game franchises such as Mario and Zelda. Now, a source told 10K that there would be certainly new IPs in the works. More games are also being developed for the NX. However, no additional games have been named as of now.

Finally, the Nintendo NX would probably launch at different times across the several regions across the world. One of the said reasons for this is because there might not be enough chips that can be used in manufacturing enough models of the Nintendo NX. Nintendo could be launching the NX first in North America and Europe before it hits Asian countries, including Japan itself. All details are expected to be confirmed at the upcoming E3 2016 in June 14 to June 16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Author: Lord Marin