Sunday, 14 December 2014

Five of the BEST Commercials on TV

In this world of automation where everything is made easier, one of my favorite inventions is the DVR for recording television programs. I don't even know what day of the week or what time some of my favorite shows appear; I just set them up to record and watch when I have time.

Naturally, I fast forward through commercials so I can see an hour show in about 40 minutes. I don't think this is very good for the advertisers, but every once in awhile, a commercial catches my eye so well that I actually stop to watch it. If it makes me laugh, that is a real coup for whoever thought of it, as that is extremely rare.

I made a list of the five best commercials in my opinion. See if you agree.


WOW, I just realized three out of the five were for insurance companies. Why do the insurance companies have the best marketing people? That may be another topic for another blog sometime. Perhaps they pay people the most money to be clever, since insurance is kind of a yucky, bland topic. Whatever it is, these three, along with one for a car dealer and one for a cell phone service hit the right buttons for me.

The Subaru Legacy commercial was so cute, I didn't even know what the product was. All I remembered was the adorable little boy riding in his toy kiddie car smiling at his Daddy who had just gotten home in the family automobile (thus the Subaru I hadn't noticed) and held out the keys to his little son with a question in his eyes, "want to drive?" The rest of the commercial is a series of daydreams, as the little boy cruises past his friends, but then hits real life head on. Dropping people off, getting a parking ticket (what's a meter? He asks the officer), sitting in slow traffic and other mundane events that happen to adults who drive inspire the little boy back to his own world. The punch line is so cute: "No, Dad, I'm good!"

State Farm Insurance starts out with two young women shopping. One finds a purse she wants, takes a look at the price tag and sings out a little ditty: "State Farm Insurance, like a good neighbor, FIND ME!" Her insurance man, named Anthony by the way, shows up like a genie. Asking him how much she saved and reassured she can by the purse scrambles off to pay for it. The other girl, surprised at such an event decides to try it: "I don't have State Farm, but insurance FIND ME!" Well, a wily old man in fishing gear appears with a pole and a dollar bill on a hook, which he dangles in front of her. Disgusted she at least tries to grab it and misses. Punch line: "Oooh you almost had it! Got to be quicker!”

The crazy lady in the esurance commercial is great. Since I am a savvy senior citizen who knows and loves technology and Facebook, I can laugh at it, but there are actually peers of mine who may not get the joke at all. She is playing the internet game of "Candy Crush" on her table with real candy and a hammer. She explains to her friend that she is so happy to have learned about it and also about saving money on her insurance in 15 minutes but not understanding the concept at all. Her friend shakes his head and gives esurance their plug, but all eyes are on the lady playing the game. She smashes the candy to smithereens, shouting "3 in a row!" and then once when a piece of candy flies up and hits her tea cup, making a small ding sound, she says, amid my laughing fit, "level 3!"

The Straight Talk commercial may be my favorite although it may not sink in the first time it is watched. A woman, talking on her cell phone with her rather meek and mild hubby following her out to a parking lot, has her car keys in her hand. She walks up to a gorgeous Bentley Armage and is clicking away with her door opener for a few minutes while still talking. Puzzled, she stops her phone conversation, turns to her husband and says "why isn't this working?" In a very sing song no-inflection voice he explains, "because we drive a station wagon." As the woman, aghast at the news looks over at a different area of the parking lot, the voice-over explains that when you have Straight Talk service for your cell phone, that you FEEL RICH and may get confused.

The last commercial on my list is not funny but awesome and riveting; the Nationwide commercial with the sexy cat-burglar doing all the fancy tricks around the apartment replacing items that have been stolen. The choreography of the tricks is the whole shebang as far as I am concerned, as I love watching gymnasts. The cat-burglar is played by actress/country singer Jana Kramer, but alas, she doesn't do her own tricks. No word on who the gymnast is, but Kramer does sing the Nationwide jingle, "On your side" at the end, and the voice-over work is none other than Julia Roberts.

by Sally Bartlett