CWRW Limited: acquisition

CWRW Limited: acquisition

We're proud to announce the acquisition of, a social bookmarking platform with over 1.5 million bookmarks and a database with over 200k active users.

What does this mean?

Bukmark's current platform has become inefficient, as it's based on an old version of the Pligg system, which was designed to handle small social media and bookmarking websites. Bukmark has had very significant growth to over 1.5 million social bookmarks and more than a million user accounts and registrations.

The decision has been made to take down the current site, and immediately begin work on a new platform that will be more efficient. It will be correctly designed to handle medium sized social bookmarking websites and improve user experience in general. We have a lot of ideas in our heads; some based on current social media sites, and some are crazy and innovative. The final vision has not yet been solidified, but we will absolutely bring a new fresh look and a better experience to the Bukmark platform. The new platform will be based on a responsive design that will be compatible and improve user functions with both tablets and mobile devices.

When can we expect to see the new platform online?

Definitely a good question, but there is no clear answer yet. There is a lot of work to be done, but we can promise that we will do our best to kick-off the new site as soon as we're ready, hopefully within the next few months.

What does this mean to current Bukmark users?

After the new platform is launched, all current users will be notified by e-mail and will be given two options. Confirm your e-mail and Bukmark account; or opt-out and your account will be removed from our systems. If no confirmation or opt-out response is received, we will once again try to contact you in 7 days; if no action from the second try, your account will be removed from our systems.

Can I opt-out right now?

Sadly, it is not possible, but the users database will be staying offline, and we will not process any of your data during the update. All work in progress will be related only to the platform itself, including a new look and more efficient design. Once we're ready to launch the new version of the Bukmark social bookmarking platform, you will be notified. We will then process the final migration of the users database and at this point, that is when you will receive the e-mail with option choices to either confirm your membership, or have your data removed from our systems.

What more is there to say?

We hope nothing has been left out, and our intentions have been understood. Just know that we're working on it, and we will welcome all existing users within the new platform. As soon as we're ready for launch, you will be the first to know. Stay tuned!

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