Why All Workers Face These Obstacles at Work (and How to Overcome Them)

Why All Workers Face These Obstacles at Work (and How to Overcome Them)

Did you know that people spend around 25-30 years working during the lifetime?

Taking into account the above-mentioned stat, you might agree that everyone faces different obstacles during the working process, no matter what your profession is. The reason for it is quite simple: the more you work, the bigger amount of difficult tasks you get and, therefore, it's more likely small failures happen.

Although the working process is individual, and every employee has some particular challenges at work, there are some common obstacles all workers have faced at least once. If you want to overcome them, you need to learn the reasons and the solutions in order to prevent them during your work.

#1. Monotonous Work Routine
Reason: Your work duties are too easy for you to do
Solution: Take more challenging tasks

If you're a 9-to-5er, your working process might look the same daily: eight hours at work, scheduled breaks, and the same tasks daily. All these factors may become the reason why your work routine is becoming monotonous.

Employees are seeking for opportunities to quit working when they face job monotony by communicating with colleagues or friends. Although people are now spending less time on social media apps according to one survey, most of us use mobile devices to get distracted from the working process in order to avoid monotonous work routine. In fact, it affects our productivity a lot, and it's getting even more difficult to complete your duties without making much effort.

Every worker has duties that might become a routine which means having no challenge for self-development. Once you stop growing as a person, you start feeling worse. Therefore, when it comes to overcoming monotonous work routine, taking more challenging tasks is the number one solution. The more challenging tasks you give yourself, the more satisfied you are.

#2. A Lack of Recognition
Reason: You don't feel valued at work
Solution: Pay a compliment to your colleagues

Physiologists claim that all people need recognition as it proves our importance which is so important for motivation boost. Unfortunately, according to one study, just 20% of employees feel valued at work. In plain English, most employees have a lack of recognition of their hard working which reduces their motivation and affects the working performance. While it's nearly impossible to ask managers and supervisors for the recognition, there are some ways how to get it without their help.

Here's the deal:
Your successful colleague can help you cope with this problem.

If you're interested how to encourage them to support you, there's no better way than start paying a compliment to them. Look, if you believe that your colleague has achieved success, and you respect him or her, it doesn't take much effort to say about it. Once you show your value, other people start thinking about your achievements as well. Therefore, don't be greedy to pay a compliment as it helps to build career relations and have a benefit in the future.

#3. The Work Depression
Reason: You face different obstacles at work
Solution: Prevent the work depression

If you've faced the work depression at least once, you might agree that it's a common disorder that all employees have while achieving their career growth. While there are different causes for the work depression, including your work environment, daily duties, and much more, there are some little-known ways how to overcome this disorder, and believe it or not, you can prevent the work depression without putting tremendous effort.

For example, you can fight the work depression the chemical way by copying our pets behavior. It's scientifically proven that both humans and animals have natural mechanisms of coping with the depression, and we can use the chemistry of mood to prevent this order.

Here are some tricks:

  • Adapt your biorhythms to the day length: You might know that successful people have a habit of waking up earlier in the morning. It's not just about having more time for completing different tasks; it's also about staying active during the day. Light increases the level of gonadoliberin that helps to prevent the depression.
  • Stay physically active: Sports activities help to stay healthy without a doubt, but being physically active is a good way to improve your mood as well. A short and intensive workout can become a remedy when it comes to the work depression.
  • Take care of yourself: If you're a pet owner, you know about grooming. In fact, grooming is a process of taking care of yourself which also lead to the increase of endorphins which means being happier.

If you want to prevent the work depression, try to stay happy, and the above-mentioned tips can help you a lot.

No matter how determined as a worker you are, every person faces career obstacles from time to time. To achieve career success and stay emotionally happy, we need to overcome problems at work, and the above-mentioned tips can help you a lot while working hard on your growth.

Have you ever meet obstacles at work? What is your remedy?

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