People are Starting to Spend Less Time on Facebook and Instagram, Study Reveals

People are Starting to Spend Less Time on Facebook and Instagram, Study Reveals

People are now spending less time on social media apps, according to a latest survey carried out by London-based data collection company SimilarWeb.

The study - which aimed to analyze the changing popularity of social media apps - examined the habits of Android users from nine countries by comparing the social media app data from four leading networks - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. The data from first three months of 2016 was compared with the data from same period last year. The data was collected from nine countries: the US, UK, France, Spain, Australia, Germany, India, Brazil, and South Africa.

The survey revealed that people in most countries are now spending less time on the four leading social media apps - Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Germany was the exception where the time spent was roughly the same compared to last year. Facebook app usage in Spain was also found to have increased from March to March.

Instagram experienced the largest drop in its usage, down 23.7% year-on-year. The drop in Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook usage was 23.4%, 15.7% and 8% respectively.

Snapchat usage in Brazil experienced a minimal drop from 11.23 minutes to 11.10 minutes. However, a significant drop was seen in some other cases, such as time spent on Twitter in France, which declined 34% from 19.80 minutes in Q1 2015 to 13.12 minutes in Q1 2016. The most significant decline was seen in case of Snapchat users in South Africa, which fell 56% from March to March.

The study also revealed that the number of people installing apps is also falling constantly. Installation of all four social apps in the nine countries was found to have decreased by an average of 9%.

The good news for Snapchat was that it experienced an increase in installs in four countries: Brazil, Germany, Spain, and India. While, the number of installs increased by 22% from March to March in Brazil, a growth of 18% was also recorded in India.

Instagram also experienced a rise in installs in many countries including Germany, France, and the US. The social network however experienced biggest loss in India, where its app installation dropped 32% to 19%.

"Across the board, people are spending less time on their Social Media apps," said Pavel Tuchinsky, a marketing analyst at SimilarWeb.

In contrast, some messaging apps experienced a rise in Android installs. For example, Facebook's Messenger app installation increased 2% March to March in the US. WhatsApp installation also increased in the country from 15% in March 2015 to 20% in March 2016.

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