Read More Books in 2016, and Here is How to Start Inexpensively and Easily, Try BookBub

Read More Books in 2016, and Here is How to Start Inexpensively and Easily, Try BookBub

I am an avid reader. When I am in an active period, I can read 5 to 6 books a week. I have to keep a list of books I have read, because so many titles go in and out of my brain, I can not remember when I pick up a book whether I have read it or not, until I start again.

I buy books from all different sources; from the cheapest of the cheap garage sales and thrift shops to the most expensive, buying one of my favorite authors latest release in hard cover like Nora Robert's J.D. Robb series which I wait for eagerly.

A few years ago, I got turned on to ebooks. I actually wrote a couple myself and self-published them on and then started downloading them to my kindle reader. It was a little hard to get used to, holding a hard tablet with a screen in my hands instead of a soft or hard cover book with pages, but in no time at all, I was an old hand at flicking the finger on the right side of the screen to turn the page. A big advantage of ebooks is they keep your place beautifully if you fall asleep reading!

Now, right at the end of 2015, I signed up for a free reading service, BookBub. You can not go wrong with BookBub if you just know a few inside tips which I am going to give you. First you sign up with your email and select the types of genres you enjoy out of about 20 categories. After that, you will get an email a day with some terrific looking bargains...or are they?

I have to be honest, I tried a few of the free ebooks first and was very disappointed. The writing was amateurish, the grammar had flaws and the subject matter did not keep me interested, so I did not finish. But, no harm done; no cost, no interest, big deal. But I really need interesting books on a daily basis, so I started being more particular and will tell you what I suggest.

Now, even though BookBub may take away some time spent browsing, it isn't really a competitor in a strong sense. To purchase the bargains that BookBub suggest, you have to go through anyway. What the business arrangement may be between Amazon and BookBub, I don't know.

Mainly, what I want to point out to readers is that most of the bargains on BookBub are written by amateurs and many are self-published. There is a lot a room for disappointment from reading the synopsis, the reviews and then actually starting to read. What I do, is look for the "worst" reviews on the selections; I am really not interested in why someone thought the book was cute, funny, interesting, kept their interest, but I would like to know why they quit reading. If it sounds like a plausible negative to me, I keep looking for selections that do NOT have negative comments if possible.

What a lot of new writers do, is offer the FIRST of a series for free; they gamble on the fact you may like it enough to actually purchase the subsequent books. That can turn out to be a win-win situation, both for you finding a new author and them finding an interested reader.

If you only read New York Times literary selections and prefer classic literature to novels, then you probably won't find much on BookBub. But if you are open to trying new genres, new authors, and like a variety of topics, you can find some very nice reading gems for very little cost or even free.

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