The Disappearing Photograph Box

The Disappearing Photograph Box

Anyone over 20 years old may be familiar with hard copy photographs stored in boxes and pasted in albums. The older, the more familiar with lugging these old pictorial memories around during moves of residences time after time. Well, take heart, the digital storage age is here, and once we figure out how to convert all those old photos, 8 track movies, VCR tapes and slides into digital images, the proverbial "box" will no longer exist for future generations.

According to wikipedia, the first digital image to appear on the internet was in 1992. Today, there are dozens of applications available to help us store our collections like PhotoBucket, Instagram and Flickr to name a few.

Photos are probably the only way some of the older generation has accepted the computer and technical age. Having grandchildren's pictures sent to them via email and social media is probably the most favorite thing of senior citizens. Not saying all; many older people are technical savvy but many still do not want to even own a computer and are stubborn about sticking to old habits.

Digital photography is probably the best generation gap closer so far. The Silent Generation (1920-1942), the one I happen to belong to, is now in their 70s and 80s and still lugging around photos from all the generations before them. It will be a relief to finally dump the box.

The younger generation will probably have their own version of the "box of photos" someday. After all, what is happening to all those images on the internet? If one is not careful, they could be spread far and wide in so many different areas, that one could lose track. Who knows? Possibly a whole new occupation will open up for entrepreneurs: locating, tracking and compiling digital images into readable, enjoyable order!

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