Holly, an Abandoned Rabbit in the UK with Overgrown Teeth has Received Necessary Care

Holly, an Abandoned Rabbit in the UK with Overgrown Teeth has Received Necessary Care

Any animal that had once been someone's pet that is abandoned is a sad thing, but abandoning one with a serious health issue is heinous.

This is the case of a multicolor rabbit, now named Holly for the veterinarian who treated her. Holly was found on the side of the road in Sunningdale, Orton Brumbles, Peterborough of the UK. Holly had front and lower incisor teeth so misshapen and overgrown that she could not eat properly, and surely would have died if she had not been found and brought in for care and treatment.

What most people do not know or understand is that rabbit's teeth are growing continuously. They are kept in check from overgrowth and healthy with the proper diet that includes lots of chewing and gnawing on high fiber foods. Although cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny, the Easter Bunny and Peter Cottontail have emphasized the rabbit's upper incisors which are prominent, there is danger if they get too long. Rabbits also have cheek teeth as well as upper and lower incisors. Both Holly's uppers and lowers were about 1.5 inches long and bent.

Responsible adult pet owners of rabbits should understand the needs of rabbits and never turn over the cuddly animals to children for their care. Rabbits can make excellent pets since they can be litter trained like cats, respond to voices, are sociable, intelligent and affectionate.

However, they can not cry out if mistreated or injured and the only way they can communicate fear and pain is to scratch, bite or thump their back legs. There are over 60 breeds of rabbits including Dutch, Droopy eared, Cashmere and big Flemish giants. The have a delicate and fragile body and need regular vet check-ups.

Including the cost of food, litter, cage, bedding and medical cost, a pet rabbit can cost a pet owner between $500 and $800 a year.

According to a representative of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), Holly's teeth were removed and she is expected to make a good recovery.

Article Source: PetsAWW.

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