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Google Built AI Software with Human-Like English Skills

Computers don't have the ability to understand English language, and to address this issue, this is where the Google's free AI software dubbed Parsey McParseface, based on SyntaxNet machine learning framework comes in.
No More Plastics: DVLA Has a Plan to Turn Your iPhone Into Driving License

No More Plastics! DVLA Has a Plan to Turn Your iPhone Into Driving License

Motorists in the UK are about to receive a new development on how they use the plastic driving license. Today, the CEO of UK's Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) shared an image on Twitter that they are working on a prototype that will allow drivers to store all the details of their driver's license card digitally within their iPhone Wallet app.
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Ofcom Wants to Offer More 5GHz Spectrum for Wi-Fi Routers in the UK

Everyone hates seeing that dreaded buffering messages when they are watching movies on Netflix or waiting for hours just to complete downloading a 10mb song. Well, here is good news! Ofcom has a plan to offer more 5GHz spectrum available for Wi-Fi users in the UK.
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Bradford Students Grow Space Seeds Sent by British astronaut Tim Peake

Students at different schools across Bradford have grown the space seeds that were sent by British astronaut Tim Peake some weeks ago as a part of the national science study. Students have planted both normal seeds as well as the space seeds and will now observe - over the next few weeks - any differences in their growth patterns.
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Junk Food Advertisements Aimed at Children Could Be Banned Soon

Children prefer junk food over healthier choices such as vegetables and fruits. Regulators are now considering that junk food ads targeted to the younger ones should be banned. Childhood obesity is an increasing problem and junk food adverts do not help. These products contain either high amounts of fat and sugar or even a combination of both.





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    Android Tricks and Tips For 2016 to Make the Most Of Your Smartphone

    Android smartphones are favored over Apple's iPhones because of their flexibility and customizability for the users. In itself, the operating system is packed with features but what most users do not know is that there are still tricks that they can do in order for the phone to become more efficient and more useful in several circumstances.

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    10 Reasons Why Android Smartphones Slow Down

    Android devices are known for slowing down after a year or two. Some users say it's inevitable, while some believe that it is just a myth. Still, there is growing evidence that more smartphones become slower as time passes by and there are several factors as to why it happens.

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    Nexus 2015: Google Nexus 5X vs Google Nexus 6P

    One of the first Android smartphones to run the new Marshmallow version, the Nexus 5X was manufactured by LG. It sits on the far edge of mid-end smartphones and almost at the high-end range. Google launched the Nexus 6P along with the Nexus 5X. The phone was manufactured with Huawei and is better than the latter in terms of specs.

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